Weekend Thoughts

I would love to say that last night’s Rangers’ Game ended the same way as Friday night’s game but that would be untrue. Last night the Rangers weren’t able to accomplish anything no matter what they did. It was a sad night because it is only the second time I have seen them lose but I still enjoyed watching the game. I never thought I would say that I enjoy watching baseball but I have to say that I have developed an affection for it this summer. I guess you could say that I have mellowed enough to be able to enjoy a much slower sport.

On another note I have decided that I am going to put myself back out there in the dating pool. I’m not sure whether or not anything will come of it but it is high time to get on with my life. My life has literally been in a holding pattern for far to long. I have to live my life for me and stop letting the past hold me back. I haven’t had any real contact with the ex in over six weeks and I really don’t miss him at all. I have finally reached that point where I can move on from him for good. It is so weird to me that going to a game with him is ultimately what helped me realize that we were totally wrong for each other.

I haven’t really been going to church as regularly lately and I hate that. I have already missed church twice this month. This morning I just couldn’t get up.  I felt so tired and worn down this morning that I just couldn’t get up. I should’ve felt good because I slept a lot but I can honestly say I am still pretty tired. I guess being sick all week has really dragged my body down. I have to make sure that I don’t avoid church because of my ex because that would be silly. He doesn’t talk to me at church so I need to just focus on why I go to church and not let the rest of it bother me.

I can hardly believe that we have already finished four weeks of school. Next weekend is the annual football game with our rival which should be a lot of fun. I am so glad that I have been taking a break from social media because it has really allowed me to embrace my new school. I have fully let my old district go. I haven’t talked to anyone from there in quite a while and it is probably better that way. It is amazing how much the idea of out of sight is out of mind is really true. I knew that not working with my ex anymore would definitely help us let go of the past.

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