New People

So I have been talking to a few new people through the online dating site I joined but I have noticed that some people are all over the place. I have sent messages back and forth with a few interesting people but I’m still not sure that anyone is truly worth the effort. I find that the older I get the harder it is to open myself up to new people. I think it might also have something to do with my best friend. He tends to help me when I need help and he’s always there to hang out with me. I guess you could say that I don’t really need a relationship because that requires a lot of work. I want to open myself up to someone new but I am patient because I know that nothing that is worth it will be easy. It is interesting to me how different I look at dating now than a few years ago. I know in my heart that I really don’t need a relationship to be happy. I will find my way I just need to remain patient.

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