So when you think about what this word means lots of things come to mind. I think about the fact that my children have unfinished business when it comes to growing up and finishing school. I honestly never think my writing is completely finished. Life is unfinished at least as long as we are still breathing.

I have been in situations where I felt like a particular relationship was unfinished because there was no closure. Closure can sometimes make unfinished situations seem finished. It took me a long time to get closure with my ex but I finally found the closure I needed to be whole again.

I honestly hope that my love life is unfinished and that I have another chance to fall in love and maybe happy this time. I want a new start at happiness.

I feel like my career is unfinished because I still have so many things I want to do. I did finish my time at my old district but that just paved the way for new opportunities at the new district.

Another relationship that will probably never be finished is the one I have with my best friend. He is always there for me even when I don’t give him a reason too. He always takes care of me in so many small ways that I least expect. My life wouldn’t be the same without him in it.

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