My Daughter

I think my daughter is gay. She told me a year or two ago that she thought she was bisexual. I know that she has been struggling with her sexuality for a while now but I honestly think she is leaning towards identifying herself as gay. As a mom I have very mixed emotions about this situation. I experimented with my own sexuality when I was in my early twenties but I put it all behind me and got married when I met her father. I am honestly not sure how to help her. I don’t want this life for her because I know how difficult it can be. I lived it for several years myself and I have seen other people go through similar things. She has her first girlfriend as of yesterday. I have met the girl and she is really sweet. I have also met both her parents. I want my daughter to be happy so I will do everything I can to support her even though this whole situation bothers me. My mom handled the situation with me in the worst way possible and it created a rift between us for a long time. I can’t do what my mom did because it would destroy our relationship. She is an amazing girl and I am so proud to be her mother.

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