Church is supposed to be a sanctuary for the downtrodden and confused. It is supposed to be a place that will welcome anyone into its fold. My church has always been a bit of a fishbowl but now it is a place of anxiety for my daughter. She is 15 and now is a confusing time in her life but instead of offering a little bit of compassion and understanding, her Sunday school teacher opted to single her out and embarrass her in front of her class. Needless to say the last time she went to church she cried almost the whole way home. Now I am confronted with a quandary because as a parent I need to protect my daughter. She doesn’t want me to talk to the youth pastor but I feel like I should. On the flip side of that I have also considered jumping ship and trying to find a new church. I am so afraid that my daughter will turn away from God if she stays in her current situation. We have been attending the same church for the last three and a half years. It would be really weird to start over somewhere else. Of course one advantage would be the fact that I would no longer go to church with my ex and since we no longer work together than that means we would have no contact whatsoever. We don’t talk now so it would be even easier not to think about him if I didn’t see him at church. I have already made a huge change in my life and maybe I really am ready for another change. Maybe it really is time to let go of most of my old life and move on to new things. I can’t live in a fishbowl forever and if I leave the church than I will break the mold. Only time will tell how all this stuff will work out.

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