27 Years

So I recently celebrated my 42nd birthday, and I spent the day with my first love. We met over 27 years ago and despite everything we have been through over the years, we are still in each other’s lives. We met the summer before my freshman year of high school when I was 14. We had a very brief relationship that we eventually turned into an amazing friendship. All throughout high school and my first year of college he was always there.I compared every guy I met to him which I know is not a good thing. The summer after my freshman year of college we decided to try and have a real relationship. We lived together for several months but we ended  up separating in a very painful breakup. After our breakup I had a series of unsuccessful relationships until I met my first husband. I lost my first love back in 1994 and it wasn’t until 2007 that I got him back into my life. We have had our ups and downs over the last nine years but one thing I know for sure is that I will always love him and he will always know me better than almost anyone else. Yesterday he picked me up and took me to lunch. After lunch we went ice skating and then to an art exhibit. It was great to just hang out with him after all this time. I may not see him all the time but I know that he will always be there for me if I need him and that means the world to me. I hope we have 27 more years to be in each other’s lives.


This picture was made in my childhood bedroom around 1992-93. I wish I had more pictures from back then but unfortunately I don’t. We didn’t live in the social media craze back then that we do now.


This picture was taken in April of 2008 with his son. We went to the park with him and his son.  All of our children were really young.  It was definitely a fun day.


This picture was taken of the two of us on my birthday! We have both changed a lot in the last 27 years but it is nice to know that we still enjoy each other’s company. I have to say that yesterday was the best birthday I have had in a very long time even without my children at home. Life is short and it is important to spend it with the people that matter most.

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