Worst Day

I have to say that today has been one of the worst days of my teaching career.  Dealing with parents is never easy, and as a parent myself I understand how feel but that doesn’t mean you should ever put blame on the teacher for a student’s grade. Students have this victim mentality these days and they act like nothing is their fault. They don’t honestly think they should be held accountable for anything. As a parent, when my child has a bad grade then I automatically talk to my child about the situation not their teacher. I have parents that constantly email about every little thing despite the fact that the majority of my students are seniors. I try to deal with parents as compassionately as I can but at the end of the day the job is up to their kids. I expect my students to take responsibility for their own actions. Today one of my student’s parent actually demanded that I change her daughter’s grade and actually accused me of not doing my job because there was a previous assignment that hadn’t been graded. My district requires that we have 5 grades in our gradebook at the time the progress reports go home to the parents. I currently have 10 in my gradebook which means that I have more than met the requirement setup by my district. I usually take a journal grade twice a six weeks every term but because we are working on research papers I hadn’t graded the four journals that we did the first week of the grading period.  I was out sick for three days this week so I out my priority on grading the assignments that were more important to the students. This particular parent seems to think it is more than appropriate for me to spend all weekend grading something that isn’t even due until today so that it can be on the progress report. I don’t think I have ever had someone tell me that her child did her part so now I need to do mine. She was upset about a grade that hadn’t been put in and then she was upset about a participation grade that her daughter received last week. Participation grades are based on teacher discretion.  In a long project like a research paper, we give participation as a means of holding them accountable for their daily actions. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I have always tried to be fair with my students.  I try to be consistent and fair. I have approached this project the way the other teachers at my school have been handling it. The whole experience is new for me and frankly it’s a bit overwhelming to have 135 students that I have to chase down when they are seniors. I know that I have to let all this go so that I can enjoy my weekend with my boyfriend.  I also know that no amount of stressing will make today different. I wish I could just skip back to Monday and start over. I just hope things are better next week!!!

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