Sunday Night

No one is ever happy to see a weekend end but I am especially dreading tomorrow. I haven’t let myself dwell on Friday all weekend but now that it is time to go back to work tomorrow I am dreading it big time. Overall I had a great weekend despite the fact that Friday was so terrible.  My boyfriend came over Friday night and we went out and had a great dinner and a place we are really starting to like. We came back here and watched a movie.  We watched “Deep Water Horizon” which is actually a really great movie. My boyfriend actually fell asleep while we were watching it but it was just great being near him after the week I had. I actually took this picture while he was sleeping!

Saturday we went to a 50th anniversary party at my old church.  It was so incredibly weird to be at the church again. It’s funny actually because some of the people were really nice and friendly towards me and some of them acted like they didn’t even know me. I know I quit going to church there a couple months back but it still seems weird that they would act that way. I went for the family and it will probably be the last time I go to the church.

  Last night I spent some quiet time to myself and today I just relaxed. I know tomorrow is a new week and I know that I need to approach it with the most positive attitude I can. Life is short and I can’t let one person impact me like that.

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