So since last Friday I have been dealing with issues surrounding my senior research paper project and grades.  One particular parent has been out to get me because I refused to change a grade that her daughter didn’t deserve. My principal has been extremely supportive but the parent just won’t let things go.  I was grading my students’ next round of annotated bibliographies tonight when I figured out how to look up the history of a folder in Google Docs.  I feel like I have struck gold because now I can prove to my principal that the student didn’t have anything in her folder.  I knew that I wouldn’t have given her a zero if the files were where they were supposed to be but until tonight I had no way to prove my case. I guess I’m just really stubborn but I couldn’t let this go. I knew that I had graded everything fairly and I didn’t like being told that I didn’t.  I also didn’t appreciate having someone tell me that I wasn’t doing my job.  I definitely learned a hard lesson with this parent situation but I have a much better idea of how to handle things in the future.  I just really hope that I can get through the rest of this project without anymore major issues.  I was hoping that the grades would go up based on these annotated bibliographies that I’ve been working on tonight but it seems like they are all still in about the same place.

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