So I finally got a resolution to the problem I’ve had with this one parent yesterday.  I have to say everything ended up much different than what I expected. Ultimately when my principal talked with the parent yesterday they gave him an ultimatum regarding the grade. My principal stood up for me and supported me so the parent withdrew her child from school. Apparently there was a lot more going on with this girl than I even realized because she was really behind in credits. They withdrew her from the regular high school and sent her to our alternative high school. I am relieved that the situation is finally resolved but it does make me sad that the situation came to this. I have had several parents question the same participation grade.  It is really frustrating when they don’t seem to realize or understand that the students have to follow the directions in order to get credit.  The vast majority of my students had things in the right place but the ones that didn’t seem to think they are special. I wouldn’t be teaching them anything if I allowed them to continually ignore the directions and still gave them full credit. This year has definitely been a challenging year for me regarding parents.  I love teaching but I know that this group of parents really cater to their kids. It is not healthy for parents to act this way about their senior aged students.  These kids are about to embark on their own but their parents are still fighting their battles for them. I would never do that for my kids. I think it is very important that kids learn to fight their own battles. What is going to happen to the future of our society if high school graduates still depend on mommy and daddy to fight their battles for them?

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