Working Out

So I have tried getting back into a workout routine for the last few months but honestly I haven’t been able to get myself motivated. I would exercise a couple of days a week but I could never remain consistent with my workouts. So after spending the weekend with my boyfriend in Grapevine I decided that it was time to make a change. Last Monday, I started T-25 again.  I’ll be honest that first workout just about killed me and the next day wasn’t much better. I made myself stick with it though until Friday.  I was supposed to do a double workout on Friday but I wasn’t feeling well so I skipped it. I didn’t tell my boyfriend about the workouts at first and I’m not even sure why. Last Wednesday he came over to take me to dinner and I ended up telling him.  We didn’t really talk about it but I kept up my workouts through Thursday and then I did my stretch workout on Sunday. I was really tired Monday morning because I didn’t really sleep well. I got a message from my boyfriend on the way to work.  He told me that he could really tell the difference in my body from the workouts and he encouraged me to keep them up. I have to say it made me feel so good because I can barely see a change in myself. He has always been so awesome and he has always told me that I am beautiful the way that I am but it was so nice to have him support me in this new venture. I know that I don’t have to workout to make him attracted to me but it is nice that he is so observant that he would notice the changes so quickly too. He has a perfectly sculpted body from all the working out he does and sometimes I wonder what it is that he sees in me. I’m just not used to being with someone like him. He pays so much attention to me and he really does make an effort to spend time with me and stay in contact with me. I’m not sure if we will figure out how to make the future work long term but he definitely gives me hope that the future can be so much brighter than my past. I wish I could see him every day instead of only on weekends or occasionally during the week. I am truly happy with this man and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

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