Questions About Sex

Is it possible for sex to take over a relationship? Is it possible to be too horny? Is it bad to want sex all the time? I have always been the type of person that went through moods when it came to sex.  Sometimes I couldn’t get enough and other times I wasn’t all that interested.  I will be honest, from the time I got on the plane to go to Bolivia until the time I started dating my current boyfriend I wasn’t that interested in sex. I only had it a couple of times and it was just chance that I had sex those times. My current boyfriend and I had sex pretty early in our relationship but that was never what the relationship was about. I honestly fell in love with him with my whole heart. I thought we were both feeling the same way.  Now we still connect on other things but I’m starting to feel like we are too focused on sex. We had such a great night a little over a week ago but it was very sexual. We both love sex and we are both fairly adventurous when it comes to sex.  The sex between us is amazing but I’m worried we are losing some of our emotional connection. I still love him deeply but I’m so afraid that he’s pulling away emotionally.  I’m not sure whether we are falling apart or that I’m being entirely too sensitive. I have experienced a lot of heartache over the last few years and that definitely makes me more apprehensive in my current situation. He was supposed to come and see me last Sunday but work went late and he didn’t come over. I know he wanted me though because he said he wished I could come to him. I hate this distance between us. He works all the time and although I respect that in him I wish I could spend more time with him. I honestly don’t remember the last time I have yearned for someone the way I yearn for him. I worry that I’m entirely too attached to him. I just really hope that I’m not on the road to another heartbreak. I honestly deserve some happiness after the last  few years. I don’t expect perfection but some legitimate happiness would be wonderful.

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