My mother’s boyfriend died on Monday night. You would think his death would be the biggest issue within the whole situation but you would be wrong.  His daughter is a witch and now she is doing everything she can to make my mother’s life miserable. She threatened to call the police on my mom and everything else for bogus stuff. She blew up my mom’s phone that first night until after 4 in the morning. She is desperate for money and she apparently doesn’t realize that her dad left all her money to my mom. Now we just got word that she is trying to disparage my mother on social media. It is hard to believe that the daughter of the man my mother loved and took care of for the last year could be so callous. I’m honestly not sure how any of this will end up but I am worried about my mom’s stress level. She was so upset the other night that she couldn’t sleep because her heart was pounding.  She finally got some rest and she told me this morning that she was doing better but I’m still concerned about her.

On another note, I texted my ex-boyfriend to tell him about my mom’s boyfriend. The two of them met while we were dating and he always used to ask me how he was doing. I was shocked when he responded to my text in less than twenty minutes. This is the first contact I’ve had with him in almost two months. He told me that he was doing good and that he’s getting ready to move to Austin. The message left me with more questions than answers. I texted him back several hours later not expecting to have a response. He did respond though, he told me that he was sorry for everything. Honestly those words could carry so much meaning because of everything I’ve been through lately. I didn’t say anything else to him because I’m not sure that I should. It’s obvious to me that he is moving on with his life and that he is comfortable with the decision that he made regarding our relationship. I still don’t have the closure that I would like to have but I do feel better. I know that it will probably be awhile before I feel like being in another relationship but that’s okay. Eventually I will stop missing him so much and I will be able to move on with someone else. I am trying to focus on my kids and myself right now. I need to be as healthy as I can on my own if I am ever going to be ready to be with someone else.


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