I just finished reading Persuasion by Jane Austin. I have read it before and I have seen the movie many times. A few days ago I started contemplating the future. My ex-boyfriend agreed to meet me and I started really thinking about him and our relationship. We jumped into a serious relationship really quickly and ultimately he got overwhelmed and ended things between us. As I was watching “Persuasion” the other night I began to wonder whether or not we could try again with a bit less pressure on us. I started contemplating the idea of suggesting that to him. After I watched the movie again I started re-reading the novel. After finishing it today and doing a lot of thinking about our situation I’m not so sure. I love him deeply and I can honestly say I am not over him but I’m not sure that I can settle for something less than what we had. It would be so easy to pretend like it’s not settling but in my heart I know that I would be settling. I don’t understand how we ended up the way we did but I’m not sure that I can settle for something else. I think we could have made it if he would have just communicated and given us a chance but instead he just walked away with no discussion. He didn’t give me the opportunity to express my feelings or even be angry. I am supposed to see him tonight but I’m not even sure it’s going to happen. I want to be with him but I don’t want to sacrifice myself in the process. I need to be strong and stand up for what really matters. I would rather be alone than settle for something that’s not going to make me happy.

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