As technological advances continue it seems like we have less privacy everyday.  People post all about their lives and even this blog in a way is a form of relinquishing privacy. Tonight I started watching The Circle with my kids. It is so crazy how much people are willing to sacrifice their own privacy. People have no idea how scary technology could become. I read an article from “The New Yorker” three years ago and it talked about a society where everyone’s information is available to everyone else.  I read it in class with my juniors and I had one of the best conversations about the article.  My students and my kids will be more impacted by technology than I have in my life.

I grew up with television at the onset of VCR’s and then watched them evolve into DVD’s. My parents had a car with an eight track, then cassette tapes, compact discs, and then bluetooth media streamed through the car.  When I was really young computers were really new and very expensive but now computers are affordable and basically every where. I remember when landlines were all we had and now we only have cell phones in my house.

Technology has advanced exponentially in my life but I can’t even imagine what things will be like by the time my kids are my age.  I really hope that my kids will be able to protect themselves from the dangers of technology.  As I continue to get older, I worry more about what I reveal to the world about my life. I love to write which is why I write this blog but at the same time I purposely limit the information that I reveal about my real life. I never use the names of my kids of the name of my school.  I do post pictures but I rarely use names of anyone that is close to me. I want to respect my privacy even though I write about my life. I don’t write as much as I used to but I still enjoy writing. I think the writing is my best form of therapy. Of course I have come to realize that I don’t enjoy writing as much or as often when my life is going really well. It seems like I write more when things aren’t so good in my life. At present my life is a bit strange.  I’m not really not happy or sad. I have literally been in a total funk all summer and I’m just now getting out of it.  I am totally making a change in my life. Life is about me and my kids right now. Now is the time to focus on what’s important in life!!

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