Day 2

Today started much better than yesterday because I was able to walk 2 miles before I went to work. The professional development sessions I attended today were actually pretty useful. I absolutely hate data but I will say that we used the data for a beneficial purpose. We actually met with all the English teachers from 5th-12th Grade this morning. It was interesting to see that some of the problems we experience in high school have been problems all the way through. This afternoon we took the data from this morning and we worked on our scope and sequence for this year. My department is actually going to attempt to read Catcher in the Rye this year with juniors. It will be interesting to see whether or not we are able to get approval to read it. I guess you could say that being back at work isn’t so bad.

On another note I have started seeing my ex-boyfriend in a casual dating kind of way. It is interesting because when we are together it is a lot like it was when we were in a serious relationship but we just don’t talk as often when we’re not together. I am surprised at how easy this whole thing is on me. I don’t normally like casual dating but with everything I have going on right now it makes life easier. I had already decided that I wasn’t even going to attempt to meet anyone new until after the first of the year. We enjoy each others’ company and we have great sex. Now that I am going to be in school again I really don’t have time to start a new relationship. I need to be focusing on my kids, my job and school. Going out with my ex is just kind of a bonus.

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