First Day of School

So both of my teenagers went back to school today. My daughter started her junior year and my son started his freshman year. I can honestly say the year hasn’t exactly started without a hitch. My daughter’s schedule got changed yesterday afternoon and now she is in some random Astronomy class she didn’t sign up for. The problem is that she will need another science class but Astronomy is really not going to help her in the future. I am hoping things will get worked soon. My son is having issues with his schedule as well.  It is so frustrating as a parent that both my children’s schedules are messed up at the beginning of school.

As a teacher I find it just as frustrating when I have students that have similar issues. I definitely wouldn’t want to trade with the counselors but their job has some frustrating consequences.

I haven’t had my first official day back yet because we are still in-service. My students come back on Monday and I can honestly say I feel completely unprepared. I am really hoping that things start getting better over the next few days for all three of us. I can’t believe that I am about to start my tenth year of teaching or that I am about to go back to school again myself.

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