10th Year

Tomorrow I will embark on my 10th year of teaching. The start of this year is different than most of the others because I am honestly not sure what to expect. I had a rough year last year and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go back to my same school but I ultimately decided I would give it another year. The last two weeks during in-service have been great because I really love the people I work with. The thing I am dreading is the students coming into class tomorrow. I really don’t enjoy the students at my new school the way I did the ones at my previous school. I am also in school again myself which just adds to the chaos of my life. I have literally spent the majority of the weekend working on things for my job and my class. I am so lucky to have these incredible children of mine that are so supportive of everything I want to do. I am actually feeling pretty good about myself as a whole because I have been walking two miles every morning and trying to eat better. I have lost a couple of pounds and my outlook has increased tremendously. I am not sure how this year is going to go with my students or my classes but I do know that my kids see me as an unstoppable force so if I hold onto to that thought than I should be able to do anything.

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