Clearing My Mind

I have spent the majority of the weekend resting and recovering from the first week of school. I have still done my two mile walks every day and I have any even done some chores and ran some errands. I have also made sure I got plenty of sleep and didn’t push myself too hard. I have had to be superwoman lately and that can be utterly exhausting. This weekend has been about resting my mind and clearing it of chaos. Between school, work and kids there isn’t much left for anything else. I don’t have a boyfriend per say but I do see my recent ex-boyfriend when we both have a chance. It’s weird really because we are both super busy with our lives but when we have a chance to see each other it seems like everything else just kind of falls away for a little while.

The more time we spend together, the more it feels like it used to between us. I’m honestly not sure if that is good or bad. In a lot of ways we are in a much better place now than we were last May when we were still in a relationship. We don’t talk everyday now but we do stay in pretty close contact with each other. He still expresses concern when I have something going on and vice versa. The most interesting thing to me as that the sex between us continues to get better all the time. It’s funny because most of the time once you’ve had sex with someone for a period of time than things level out a bit. He is always a little different. The way things start with us depends on the night. I never quite know what to expect when I’m in bed with him which is fantastic. I have often grown bored with sex in the past which makes me not as interested in it anymore but I’m not sure that would ever happen with him. Not only does he make me feel amazing things physically, but he opens me up emotionally as well. I’m not sure what this casual thing between us will lead to or if it will lead to anything at all but right now I am just enjoying the ride.

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