Labor Day

Today is a holiday from school which also happens to be work for me. I have literally spent the last few days alone.  I have done laundry, run errands and studied for school but other than that I have just recharged my batteries. Last week was so crazy that it has been nice to recharge my batteries. School is definitely going to be challenging this semester but at the same time I love new challenges. I have everything ready for my students this week and I plan to finish at least part of this week’s assignments for school before the end of the day. I’m trying really hard to stay up with everything and to use my time wisely.

On another note I’m worried that I’m getting too attached to my ex. I know that we are in a casual situation right now but lately our interactions have definitely made me want more. It is dangerous to want more. I have no idea how he really feels. I don’t know whether or not he’s seeing other women or even if he would object to me seeing other men. I should have asked more questions in the beginning but I think I was a little afraid of the answers. Now we are in the middle of something and it’s too late to start asking questions. I assume that he sees other women but I honestly have no idea. I know he cares for me because of the level of concern he showed when I was experiencing problems with my hot water heater. I’m trying to just keep an open mind and not let myself worry about the rest of it but that is probably one of my shortcomings. I know that having a full fledged relationship with him right now would be extraordinarily difficult. We both have so much going on and neither of us need the stress of a relationship. I know that I love him but I also know that we jumped into something too serious to quickly before and I don’t want to make a similar mistake again. We’ve been given a second chance of sorts and I want to make the best of it.

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