Tied Up

I have had a fantasy about being tied up for a few years now and last night my fantasy became a reality. I bought these restraints that go under the mattress a month or so back and the ex and I tried them out last night. It was a bit strange at first because my wrists and ankles were bound so I had very limited movement. I have to say that it was so hot when he started licking my pussy while I writhed on the bed barely able to move. He eventually stopped licking my pussy and then he brought his cock up to my mouth. It was awkward at first because I couldn’t use my hands but I eventually figured out how to make my mouth work to my advantage with no hands. He even entered me while I was still tied up. He eventually started untying me because he wanted to roll me over on to my stomach. The sex was so hot and I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. We eventually went from vaginal sex to anal sex. After an hour and a half of intense sex we were both exhausted. I honestly can’t believe that the sex between us keeps getting better and better. I never would have thought that our sex live would get better after we broke up. Of course my best friend keeps telling me that we are in a relationship even if the two of us don’t want to label it as a relationship. I don’t think he really understands the situation between us. I honestly don’t know what we are but I do know that I am really enjoying all the time I spend with him.  It doesn’t matter whether we are having dinner, going to the movies or having sex we always have a good time. Being with him is a nice break from all the stress I have in my life right now.

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