Strong Opinions

I have always had extremely strong opinions. One of the reasons that I left my last church is because someone hurt my daughter. I really liked my old church but the people there were really judgmental. I absolutely can’t stand judgmental people. I have never understood why people judge others. Life is to short to spend it with people who are going to judge you. I spent three years in that church being judged all the time.  I felt like I was living in a fish bowl most of the time. Leaving the church was good for me in regards to my mental stability but I have struggled with my faith ever since. I am having a hard time with my faith knowing that people of faith are the ones that hurt my daughter. My daughter has been struggling with her sexuality for several years and I have tried to support her. My former church wasn’t able to do that which is a huge disappointment. I know that the bible says that homosexuality is wrong but I also know it’s not our place to judge other people. God says we are supposed to love everyone not just the people that have the same opinions as you. My former church is full of judgmental assholes and I worry my daughter will struggle with her faith after dealing with them because I know I have.

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