The End

So it is interesting how you can love someone so much but in the end you realize the struggle is just not worth it. Wednesday morning I finally decided I’d had enough. I guess you could say that I realized all the bullshit he was giving me was just that bullshit. We hadn’t seen each other in over a month but yet he tried to tell me that he missed me. He tried to tell me that he wanted to see me but things were just busy. I guess you could say I finally called him on his bullshit. I sent him a message on Wednesday morning and told him that our situation no longer worked for me. He never even responded which didn’t even surprise me. Oh well at least I finally got the closure that I never got last spring when he just disappeared from my life after five months. I have no idea why things worked out the way they did between us but I know it is definitely time for me to move on. It is so strange because I’m not even really upset. I had grown so bored and just plain indifferent when it came to him that I am just relieved to know that I don’t have to deal with the lies and bullshit anymore. I still love him but I know that we aren’t meant to be together so it is time to leave myself open for the man that I am supposed to be with.

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