I am officially less than a week away from spring break. I am taking full advantage of my break this year because I leave on a flight to Morocco on Friday. My mom and I leave around 4:40 pm and then we have a two hour layover in Madrid so we will finally reach Casablanca, Morocco in the late morning of March the 10th. We have been planning this trip since Thanksgiving and it is so hard to believe that it is finally here. We will be traveling all over Morocco and we will end up in Marrakesh on the 16th.  We leave Marrakesh on the evening of the 17th. We will spend the night in Madrid and then head back home the next morning. It will be so great to get away from home and especially work. I have been so stressed out with work lately that I can’t wait to be away from that place for a week.  As soon as I get home I am going to have to start looking for another job because I just don’t think I can keep doing the almost an hour long compute for another year. Next year will be my daughter’s last year of high school and I want to be closer to home so that I don’t miss anything.

I was hoping that I might see my ex this weekend but instead of seeing him I haven’t even talked to him. I leave in just a few days and I was really hoping I would see him again but I don’t think that’s going to happen after all. We had such a great week last week and now he’s distancing himself again. I really wish I knew what was going on in that head of his. Maybe it will be good for me to be unavailable for awhile.

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