Travel to Morocco

So mom and I took this picture atbthe airport while we were waiiting for our plane to Madrid. The plane ride to Madrid was long and we were on the very last row of the plane which wadnt very fun! We made it to the airport and then we had to walk forever to get into the airport from the plane. I honestly wasn’t sure my mom was going to make it! Then we had around two hours before we boarded our plane to Casablanca, Morocco. The plane ride to Morocco was much shorter and we finally arrived in Morocco Saturday around 11:45am! We went through customs and then we caught a taxi to the hotal Kenzi Basma Hotel where we would spend our first night. The taxi ride was a bit insane because the driver drove around 120 kph and he was weaving in and out of traffic the whole time. We made it safely. After being up for over 24 hours we were finally ablebto take a shower and rest. We got to meet our group later that night! We went to dinner together at a restaurant called Les Fluers. I had a mushroom omelette.

Last night I was exhausted but I still stayed up for awhile and read. Overall we had a relatively easy trip!

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