Job Search

So I started my job search today.  As a teacher, there is only a short window of time that you can find a new job. I have learned a lot from my experiences the last couple of years but it is time to move on. I honestly don’t fit with my current school district.  The people I work with are way to conservative.  I have also never had to deal with so many rude students in my life. So many of the people at my school talk about the fact that we have the best kids but we really don’t have the best kids. The kids I deal with on a daily basis are rude and disrespectful.  They have no concept of rules or accountability. I wonder sometimes who is actually in charge at my school.  It seems like the minute someone gets upset about anything than they can just complain and get things changed to their liking. I would love to be able to teach in an environment where I could actually hold students accountable for deadlines. We are supposed to be preparing students for college but yet we give them chance after chance in high school.  Things started to change when we first started giving trophies to everyone for participation. It seems like every since that happened we started giving students more and more opportunities to make things up.  I want to know what happened to students actually learning. My kids know how to work hard which is something that many students these days have no clue about. Sometimes I feel like I am completely wasting my time every day. I need a new start so that maybe I can get out of the funk that I am currently in!!

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