So for almost a year I haven’t been in a relationship of sorts.  I have spent time with people and I’ve had sex with people but I haven’t been in an actual relationship. My ex and I broke up rather suddenly almost a year ago. I was completely devastated at first and I couldn’t even think of being with someone else. After a couple of months we got back in touch rather unexpectedly. Since then we have continued to see each other on a semi-regular basis. I have gone out with other people and I have legitimately tried to move on from my ex.  The problem is that no one gives me the freedom that he does. I still have him in my life but at the same time I can see whoever I want too. He actually wants to know about my experiences with other men.  When he first started asking me about them I was a bit shy and uneasy about telling him.  Eventually I realized that he actually enjoys hearing about it. It probably sounds a bit twisted but it makes me feel incredibly close to him. I would always rather just be with him but the fact that I can talk to him about other men is refreshing. I feel like he is more willing to satisfy my every whim than any other man I have ever been with. Most men either just want to use you or they want to confine you.  I hate being confined by anyone. I feel like my ex and I have the potential of creating a unique situation that could work for the rest of our lives. I feel like I would be happy with him. Aside from my ability to be with other men, he is also more than willing to try anything I want to do. I think it would be really hard to be with anyone else after being with him. I really hope we can try and figure a way to be together in the future.

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