Have you ever been involved in a conversation that somehow went the wrong direction? What seemed so innocent turns into a conflict that you didn’t see coming? I was in the middle of an innocent conversation two days ago with the man I love when out of no where we were fighting. Now I am wondering whether or not I will ever hear from him again. We haven’t talked in two days. The last message I received from him involved him telling me that I should quit texting him because I was annoying him. Now I honestly don’t know what to think about anything. I refuse to contact him again because I think he overreacted to the situation. We were having the conversation through text messages which always leaves room for misunderstanding. I hate having important conversations through text. I hope we find a way to work things out but I’m honestly not very hopeful at this point.

I love him but we are in different places and we apparently want different things right now. I am honestly not sure if we will ever be able to come together again. He seems bound and determined not to be in a relationship anytime in the near future. I feel very differently because I don’t want to live my life alone. My daughter will graduate from high school in a year and my son only has three years left. I will literally have an empty nest in just a few short years. I want to be involved with someone that I can share my life with. I am tired of being alone.

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