Complications in Life

Why does life have to have so many complications? We spend so much time trying to navigate all the rules and regulations that go into every aspect of our lives. I know that life involves a lot of serious things but it also involves a lot of fun things. I think it is so important not to get too caught up in the serious stuff that you lose sight of the fun things.

It is complicated having teenagers, there is absolutely no way around that fact. Of course on the other side of that complication is the capacity to relive your younger days and really have fun. My kids are crazy at times.  The one thing that keeps me going is their never ending interests. My daughter is a programmer at heart which is actually really sweet. She will use her coding skills for extra credit projects in math class or to help her brother with the probability and outcome of a potential game he created for a project. My son is an engineer at heart because since he was very small he has been creating things in physical form as well as on paper. He’s all about strategy and precision. They keep young and focused in so many ways. We ride roller coasters together and watch super hero movies. Over half of all the more entertaining things that I have done in the last year have been with my kids.

Relationships, as in romantic relationships, are another aspect of life that’s chocked full of complications. A year and a half ago I fell in love with a very unlikely man. He’s eight years older than me, he’s been married three times, and he has six children. Needless to say that despite it all I was completely in love. Now we are in an odd state of being. We spend time together but we’re not together. Of course when we were actually in a relationship we never fought about anything. Lately it seems like we have been fighting a lot more than we used too. We aren’t having major fights but it is frustrating to have disagreements with someone you care about. I know a lot of our issues have to do with time and our kids. We are both single parents which makes things really hard. All of our children at home are teenagers but that doesn’t change the fact that they need us. I try and encourage him to include all of us in activities occasionally but so far he hasn’t been agreeable to those suggestions. Our teenagers have met before but trying to get them together now is next to impossible.

Another difficult complication in my life is my mom. I love my mom so much but it is so difficult dealing with all her expectations these days. I am only child so she expects me to do everything for her. It’s not that I mind helping her but she lives over an hour away so it makes it really hard. This weekend is Mother’s Day, and while I would love to just spend Sunday with my own children, I will have to drive to Dallas to go and see my mother. I know it’s important to be there for your parents but sometimes I would just like to live my own life. I know that sounds really selfish but I honestly can’t help how I feel.

My job is yet another complication in my life. I work 50 minutes from home and the commute is driving me crazy. I have been attempting to get another job but so far I haven’t had any luck. I am really happy to have a job but I just wish that I could make a change.

I know that listing all these complications makes my life seem a bit worrisome but truthfully I am a relatively happy person. I have great kids, a man I love regardless of our status, a great mom and a way to support my family. LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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