Mother’s Day

My mom is utterly amazing. She is the type of mom that was way before her time. She understood that when I was a teenager I didn’t need a mom so much as a I need a friend or an adult I could trust. She was always there for me and even though she didn’t always know how to communicate with me about some things we remained close all through out high school. At the time I thought she was weird and different from my friend’s moms and I didn’t like it. Now as a mom of teenagers myself I realize that she did the perfect thing. Navigating through the teenage years with your own child is exceptionally hard at times but I have learned that the closer I am to my kids the easier it gets. I have also realized that the most important thing of all is letting your children know how much you love them. My 15 year-old son scared me because I went to pick him up from his theater banquet last night and I couldn’t find him. He’s pretty bad about communicating at times and it scared me not to know where he was. I felt really bad but I yelled at him once I did find him. I apologized later but I still felt bad about my outburst. As a single mom I tend to get scared a lot more easily when I’m not sure where my kids are. I have tried to tell my son that in the past but he just doesn’t always use his head. Being a mom is hard but I love my kids so much and I can’t possibly imagine my life without them in it.


My mom and I in the Sahara over Spring Break.


My kids and I right after I returned from Bolivia in 2016.

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