End of Second Year

Well I’ve almost made it through my second year. I’m ending this year in a way different place than I was last year. Last year, I was in an actual relationship where this year I’m still involved with the same man but not in the same way. We see each other on a fairly regular basis but we don’t have an official label. I will say that it’s been a rough year. I didn’t expect my second year to be like another first year but it almost feels like it. This year we had all sorts of changes at school and then both my kids being in high school at home was quite a change too. I honestly can’t believe that my daughter will be a senior next year. She’s so grown up but I’m honestly not ready for her to leave me yet. I still have the same best friend which is probably the only thing that hasn’t changed. I feel like I’ve created better relationships with my students this year which feels more like my old school district but I’m still hoping I find another job. I have applied at several districts but so far I haven’t had any interest. I don’t have as long this year to get out of my current contract as I usually do. I really like the people I work with but this drive is just killing me. I know that I’ll be okay if I don’t find another job but it would be so great to be closer to home. We have exactly 11 more days with students and then two in-service days. I can’t wait for them to be over. Of Course I have to take a class this summer for my Dual Credit Certification and my daughter is planning to take four. I’m sure this summer will be crazy busy and will go by really fast. I ultimately want to teach at the college level and I just realized I may be able to qualify for some Dual Credit Programs already. I may just apply for that too. Of Course the posted job is part-time but that may help me get my feet in the door for a full-time position later. Oh well who knows where I might be in another year. i can’t wait to find out!!

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