Being Retrospective

I have found as a teacher that I typically become very retrospective at the end of each school year. I like to think about what worked and what didn’t work with my students. This year I am especially retrospective as I prepare for my job interview on Tuesday and think about the types of assignments that I should create for my grad class.

I’m excited and nervous about my interview especially considering it’s been three years since I’ve been on a face-to-face interview. I think about my last two face-to-face interviews three years ago. One was with the school that I currently work for and the other was in a neighboring city to where I live. I remember how badly I wanted both jobs but I didn’t receive either job at the time. The interview that I have Tuesday could be such a blessing for my family. Ultimately my career is important but the most important thing is my family.

My grad class this summer is requiring us to create assignments that we could use for our students. If I knew that I was teaching juniors again next year than I would have a much better idea what types of assignments I should create. I have an idea that I should create an assignment having to do with bias and how to discuss a rhetorical situation. My students watched Blackfish this last year and it was amazing to discuss the documentary and the subsequent rebuttal from Sea World. The lessons prompted a lot of powerful opinions among my students and I would like to use my grad class to create a writing assignment that corresponds with this particular lesson.  I guess I will have to begin my research for class on writing about bias.  As I think about my other lessons over the last year, I wonder if I could come up with a better prompt for my research unit for my juniors. As for the other two assignments I am just not there yet.

This has been such a crazy week because I am still working but my kids are with their dad. It has been a long time since I have had this much time on my hands. I can’t help thinking about when the kids were younger. Now my kids are almost grown and I have no idea what I will do with myself once they are gone.

Life goes by far to quickly but one thing I know for sure you can’t spend so much time looking back that you miss what lies ahead!!

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