Enough is Enough

I guess you could say I am almost at my breaking point.  Two nights in a row he acted like he wanted to see me and then just failed to follow through. I was so angry last night that I actually asked him if he got a better offer. I think my comment kind of pissed him off because he hasn’t texted me back after our last exchange. We aren’t together so he doesn’t owe me anything per say but I still think common courtesy is important. I knew our plans were tentative last night because he was working but he could have at least let me know when he figured out he was going to be working late. We are  in such a strange place because we have been doing this casual on again off again thing for over ten months. We spend lots of time together and then we just don’t.  We get really close and then we drift apart a bit. I have dated other people off and on throughout this situation with him having full knowledge but yet we keep coming back to each other. I don’t know if it is because of our connection or because we are both just comfortable with each other. I know one thing that keeps me coming back is the sex and the fact that he accepts me for who I am. He never judges me and he’s always up for most anything I want to try. I am angry and disappointed in him right now though. I guess we both just need some time away from each other. He’s entirely too busy to spend time with right now anyway. I have honestly thought about exploring things with women again. I haven’t been with a woman in over twenty years but I am definitely curious about it again.

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