Amazing Interview

So after my last interview I wasn’t really that encouraged about today’s experience. I looked up a bit of information about the district last night but I went into the interview without any expectations. I have a job and I knew that if i didn’t get another one it would still be okay. The interview was with four different people and it was great. The people were all really nice and I really felt good about everyone in the room. I never got that feeling last week. I think if I was really being honest with myself the other district just isn’t right for me even if it is the one I live in. I have no idea whether or not I will get the job but I feel like being in the interview for an hour is probably a good sign. The people didn’t ask me stock questions but instead asked me things that were more important to their school and district. The principal told me that he wouldn’t bother checking my references unless they liked me. He has already started checking my references so I am super excited!! I really want this job.  I haven’t been this excited about a job in quite awhile. I just really hope it works out for me.

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