Netflix Binge

I have to say that the last few days I have watched more movies than I can count on Netflix. It’s really weird because I rarely ever binge watch TV. In fact, I canceled my cable because we never really watched TV. Lately I have just needed the break from my trashy romance novels. I have always loved B movies ever since my stint working in a video store during high school. I enjoy watching movies that aren’t overly popular. I love the Netflix actually has all sorts of interesting shows and movies. I’m sure that I will get tired of watching TV pretty soon but for now it is a nice distraction.

It’s crazy because as I focus on a movie distraction my son has claimed the living room with a bunch of his friends playing dungeons and dragons. My daughter is going a little crazy since our house has been invaded but you know it’s all good. I would rather have a house full of teenagers than not know where to find my kids.

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