Summer Memories

I have already been off work for summer vacation for two weeks. Honestly the kids and I have been busier this summer than ever. My daughter is going to school Monday through Thursday and my son seems to have friends over almost every day. It has been completely crazy and fun all at the same time. I love that my house has been full of laughter and happiness. My kids have been pretty lame in the past over the summer.


This is not a great picture of my son, his girlfriend and myself but it is difficult to get good pictures of him these days. This picture was from a Rangers Game we attended a couple of weeks ago.

I am also taking a class this summer which has been surprisingly great. I love learning new things, especially when they help me reengage with my job. Teaching is one of those jobs that requires re invigoration every summer to really be ready to go back in August. Teachers need balance and enthusiasm in order to be good at their job. Life makes it so hard to balance sometimes because of all the ups and downs. I learned balance pretty early on in my teaching career because I had small children.  Balance is what makes life worth living.

This is my last summer with both my kids at home. I am trying really hard to make it the best one yet. I want to have real quality memories with my kids. You don’t have to do major things with your children for them to appreciate the time, you just have to be present and real. I have always made an effort to be present and real with my kids. I honestly hope it’s enough that they will always know how much I love them after I’m gone.


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