Social Media Stalking

So I’m sure we have all been guilty of stalking an ex or crush through social media. I know that I was really guilty about that with my former ex. I finally unfriended him and unfollowed him on all my social media accounts. I even blocked him on Facebook so that our ties would be completely severed. I’ll be honest though it took me a long time to actually do that. I wish I could say that I never stalk my ex’s page but I would be lying. I only look at his page occasionally and since we are still actual friends on Facebook I see most of his posts anyway. I usually only peruse his page when I really miss him or he’s been out of touch for awhile. Otherwise my social media stalking days are pretty much over with these days.

Although social media stalking can occur in many forms and I experienced it in reverse this morning. I noticed that I had a friend request from this lady that is my mom’s friend but I don’t know her so I ignored the request. I never check my messenger anymore because its only on my computer not my phone. So this morning I got a rare early morning phone call from my best friend. He started the conversation asking if I knew this one woman. I told him that she was a friend of my mother’s but that I didn’t know her. He responded by telling me that she had sent him a message on Facebook telling him that she was trying to get in touch with me. Apparently the woman was planning a surprise birthday party for my mom who turns 80 on Saturday and she wanted me to make sure it wasn’t going to interfere with any of my plans for her birthday. I have to say I never expected a friend of my mom’s to Facebook stalk me and contact my best friend when contacting me wasn’t yielding results.  Sometimes life has crazy twists and turns.

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