So after ten months of casual dating with a man I am totally in love with, I am exploring other options. I signed up on a bi-sexual dating site a week or so ago and now I have started talking to a woman that feels similar to me. We both have a man in our life but we are also interested in potentially meeting a woman. I have no idea whether or not it will lead to anything but I suppose it’s definitely worth it. I have been honest with her and with the man in my life so I don’t really see an issue. I think we are going to try and meet up sometime next week or weekend. We have been texting this afternoon and we have any exchanged some pictures.

I have also gotten back in touch with my former friend with benefits but I have to say he’s being a bit weird. We talked a lot last week and we even had sex a couple of times. Of course this week we haven’t talked and when I texted him yesterday and he didn’t respond. Oh well who knows his ex-girlfriend did show back up in his life last week too. I think it is interesting that the man in my life knows about him but she has no idea I even exist. It doesn’t upset me but it does make me wonder about his integrity. I never lied about my interaction with him. I never even lied to him about the way I feel about my ex. I really think it is important to be honest and I would never lie to anyone about how I feel. I honestly don’t want to be in a relationship right now so I have to be honest about that.


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