Unknown Sibling

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and today my kids and I went to spend the day with her since they would be spending the weekend with their dad. We had a pretty nice day until right before my kids got picked up by their father. My mom and I started arguing which has been happening a lot more between us lately. After my kids left my mom and I were talking and for whatever reason she totally dropped a bomb on me. My mom told me that about ten years before I was born that my dad had an affair and the woman got pregnant. My mom found some letters that the woman wrote to my dad about the pregnancy and she told him that he had to make a choice. She told him that he could either have her or his child. My father ultimately chose my mom and he moved on and never looked back.  My parents moved from Florida to Texas shortly after this and as far as my mom knows, my dad never knew anything else about his child. My dad has been dead for three years and this all happened over 50 years ago. Now I am left with so many questions. Do I really have a sister or brother out there that I know nothing about? Do they look like me? My mom doesn’t even remember the woman’s name so it would be really difficult to find my sibling. About my only option would be to get one of those DNA tests from ancestry.com and see if I could locate them that way. It would still be a long shot but it is possible.  True be told, do I really want to open up that can of worms? I have always wished I had a sibling but I was an only child. I am 43 years old and now I find out that I not only have a sibling but I have an older sibling. I think I am still in shock.  Crazy things like this don’t happen to me!!

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