Remembering Old Friends

So today I drove an hour to attend a memorial for a woman that I have known since I was twelve years old. She was instrumental in my participation in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. I knew both her son and her daughter when I was a kid. In the last few years she has become a really good friend of my mom’s. My mom wasn’t at the memorial today because she had a previous engagement that she decided to go ahead and attend. I felt really bad because when her husband, son and sister asked me where my mom was today I really didn’t know what to say. My mom should have been there today. I don’t really understand why she wasn’t there.  I know she had paid money for an event out of town but honestly paying her respects to her good friend’s family should be more important. I don’t really understand my mom lately. I feel like she has lost sight of some of the things that are truly important in life. My mom seems to just put things out of her mine like they aren’t even real.

I also got to see a friend at the memorial that I don’t see very often but she is definitely a lifelong friend. We have been friends for over thirty years. It was really great to see her. These days my mom sees her more than I do. It is so funny how like goes sometimes. When we were teenagers the two of us and our moms traveled all over the state of Texas  together. At one point in my life she was more like my sister than my friend. I loved her parents and both of her brothers. Now both of her parents are gone and she is estranged from her brothers. Hopefully the next time I see her won’t be for a funeral.

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