Packing Up

For the last two days my son and I have been driving to my old school and packing up my classroom while my daughter was at school. It has been a bit strange because yesterday I packed up my desk and my bookshelves and today we focused on posters and miscellaneous stuff left over from yesterday. Tomorrow we will actually move my stuff to the new school. It is so odd to think about that not being in my classroom anymore. I have spent the last two years in that room. My first year my kids and I had a lot of fun setting up my classroom.

These pictures will give you some idea about how my classroom was set up and decorated for my first year. I didn’t change from much from my first year to my second year but I still took a few more pictures.

My kids have always been there for me when I’ve been getting my classroom ready. My daughter is always helping me arrange desks and finding the perfect spot for each poster. My classroom was big and full of light and I can only hope that my new one will be great too. Of course when you move from one school to the next you never know what you will get. One thing is for sure though, I would have a difficult time if I didn’t have my amazing kids to help me.

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