Meeting New People

As you get older it becomes harder to meet new people. At 43, I will be honest I have tried multiple dating sites like; eharmony; and even zoosk. I haven’t really been overly impressed with any of them. I have met people I liked and even loved on the sites but yet I am still single so nothing really takes. I am currently taking a hiatus from dating sites because I’ve just had enough. Dating in 2018 is just hard to navigate with all the scam artists on dating sites and just the overall cavalier attitude of most people. One minute people are really into you and then the next they have ghosted you. I know that giving up isn’t anymore appealing but sometimes I wonder if I will find the one for me. I thought I had so many times only to be disappointed yet again. Friday I got to meet yet another guy from a dating site that I started talking to several months ago. We stopped talking awhile back but we reconnected again earlier this week and now we’re finally going to meet. I don’t really have any expectations about him or the meeting.

It’s funny really because I had lunch with an old friend today and I realized as I was telling him all the awesome things that are going on in my life right now that I am actually pretty happy. A man I have been in love with for over a year and a half isn’t talking to me right now but I am still happy. I would have thought that I would be upset or sad but I’m really not. I haven’t even talked about it with anyone except my best friend. He’s the only one that even knows that I have talked to him. I can do this. I can actually move on from him. I think I am finally ready to let go. Life is so strange sometimes the way things just hit you like a ton of bricks when you least expect it. My life is good and I plan to focus on that and not on my love life.

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