Civil Discourse

I have been studying about civil discourse all week as I have prepared to complete my second project in my rhetoric class. I have never unfriended someone because they disagreed with me and I have never shied away from a healthy debate. I will say that some people just don’t understand the nature of civil discourse. I think it is so important to support our right to free speech in this country but free speech doesn’t mean you have to be judgmental or  tear people down just because they have different ideas or opinions from you. Many of the articles I have read describe the consistent issue of incivility between people threatening our very democracy. I would hate to think that we could lose our democracy in this country because people don’t know how to suppress their rude and nasty thoughts. I think this happens online even more than in face-to-face communication because people feel more freedom online. I have seen the effects of bullying, cyberbullying and all around rudeness on the recipients. We are a country full of division and hate right now. Instead of embracing people and their ideas we have chosen to polarize ourselves into bubbles of our own making. Expressing opinions is very difficult for some people and when others chastise those opinions for spite than we create a situation where no one feels comfortable speaking their mind. I chose to live outside the box when it comes to my choices. I would challenge anyone to put themselves in someone else’s shoes before you make judgement against them. We are all flawed and when held up to a microscope we all have skeletons we would like to keep hidden. Civil discourse allows people to listen to others and not just listen in order to respond. Our country needs to heal not continually be cast into another turmoil because of political or social unrest. We are all spoiled in this country and we act like we shouldn’t have to appreciate what we have. There are so many other places that have real problems to worry about like whether or not they will have water the next day. We have had good fortune in this country for so long that we are taking it for granted. I choose to spread kindness to my fellow man and not hate. I definitely think that is a choice that we all have to make for ourselves.

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