Marking things off my list

So last night I marked something off my sexual bucket list. I had sex with a black man from Nigeria. I started talking to him back in March but it took us until last night to finally meet. I have to say the experience was very different than I expected. I grew up in a household that was ripe with prejudice against black people. Both my parents grew up in areas where things were segregated and they just felt like black and white shouldn’t mix. My father was the biggest proponent of this belief and honestly if he hadn’t been gone for three years I probably couldn’t done what I did last night. The thing is that I was really honest with the guy about my background and my desires. I think he welcomed the opportunity to introduce me to something I had never experienced before. He has the most beautiful eyes that are so intense and a reassuring smile. He made me feel so comfortable about everything. I worry that I carry around a few extra pounds but one of the first things he told me was that he loved my ass. Of course this isn’t the first time I have had a guy be attracted to my ass but it still made me feel good. I think I realized as things heated up between us that the biggest difference between him and my ex was the size of his dick and the fact that he doesn’t eat pussy. My ex practically worships my pussy and always tells me how good I taste. He was sweet so though and I felt completely comfortable in his arms. I had sex with him twice in three hours and I honestly think he would have taken me again if he would have had more time. He says he wants to see me again so I guess I will see where this goes. I don’t really have anyone else special in my life right now so I might as well give him a shot. He has an incredibly sexy body and he’s easy to talk too. Of course regardless of what happens in the future, I have at least marked that act off my list. It seems to me that my sexual bucket list is going to be easier to complete than my regular bucket list.


  1. Amanda · July 27, 2018

    Sex bucket list sounds like something high schoolers would do. Doesn’t sound very healthy to me


    • isyheath · July 27, 2018

      I appreciate your response but I’m going to live my life the way I see fit! I would never engage in other things if I was in a relationship but I’m not so I’m just enjoying myself!


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