Odd Weekend

So as of Friday I expected to spend a quiet weekend at home working on compliance videos for work. I had a video conference with my professor at five but other than that I had no real plans. My conference was amazing because I found out that I am going to get to do an independent study this fall in the Harlem Renaissance. I have taught it a number of times and I have even done a bit of study but nothing extensive so I am actually really excited.

On Saturday I woke up from the strangest dream.  My ex and another friend were with me in my old house. A house I haven’t lived in for like ten years. It was odd because the friend was in the kitchen looking over some sort of financial papers and my ex was in the living room. When I was talking to my ex in the living room he was acting very territorial and he kept kissing me. I remember asking him in the dream why I hadn’t heard from him in two weeks. He never really gave me a good answer and that’s all I really remembered about the dream. An old friend hit me up later and we messaged back and forth on Facebook for awhile. We actually talked about getting together this week. Then after two weeks of radio silence my ex texted me Saturday afternoon. We had a rather interesting conversation and then he asked me to go to dinner with him. I was a bit reluctant at first because we haven’t talked  but I honestly just don’t know how to say no to this man. I met him at his house and he immediately kissed me. We went into his living room and chatted and watched TV for a bit before we left for dinner. During dinner we talked about all sorts of things including my dream from that morning. I wasn’t really sure how to explain the dream to him so I told him that I didn’t really remember it. I knew he probably wouldn’t react well to me saying he had been acting territorial because he always claims he doesn’t get jealous. He also talked to me about the instances where this client was hitting on him at work and one of his son’s friends wanting to set him up with her mom. It was a little strange because he doesn’t usually talk to me about other women. I had told him already about my activities Thursday night because I have always been honest with him when it comes to sex. He also told me that he is thinking of opening up a new business in the small town he’s been living in which really surprised me. When we got back to his house after dinner he barely gave me an opportunity to put my purse down before he grabbed me and we started kissing. It’s weird the passion and chemistry the two of us have together. Last time we were together I was worried that maybe he wasn’t attracted to me anymore but Saturday night I didn’t feel that way at all. If anything I honestly felt like I was coming home. I realized how much I had missed him. I know that Saturday we were making love and it felt utterly amazing.

Sunday presented another strange quandary when I unexpectedly got a message from a guy I used to go to high school with. He was at the reunion last weekend but he isn’t someone I was ever close to in high school. We chatted back and forth for several hours but it was a bit strange. Of course even though we had amazing sex on Saturday night I didn’t hear from my ex at all yesterday. I am not sure what is going on with him lately or honestly why he keeps disappearing and reappearing but I really wish he would just figure out whether or not he wants to be in my life. As much as I don’t want to admit it, he has had my heart for so long now that I wouldn’t be able to give it to anyone else even if I wanted too.

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