I have worried most of the summer that my ex and I were drifting farther and farther apart. The last week or so we seem to be reconnecting. He has been so incredibly supportive about my new job and even my anxiety over the new job. He has a faith in my that I don’t always have in my self. We have both been talking a lot about our jobs because he is thinking about starting a new business that would be an extension of his current business. It has been really cool to listen to him talking about his ideas and listening as he told me about scouting locations. We are in no way headed towards a full fledged relationship but I am not sure that would be in either of our best interests right now. We both have a lot to deal with and I think just being there for each other without labels has been one of the best things we could do. I know that I feel like he is always there for me when I need him and that means a lot. I have worried that our situation isn’t setting a good example for my kids but my daughter even told me that for the most part we are happy with our current situation and that is the best example I could give her. She says it’s more important to be happy than it is to try to maintain a traditional relationship if that’s not what either of you need. I guess I need to pay attention to my daughter.

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