Of course after writing about how distant he has been, he texts me tonight after a week. He honestly didn’t say anything in particular it was more like he was just checking in. I’m not even sure how to feel about him making contact. I really didn’t expect to hear from him today. I had planned on texting him earlier but I got busy at work and I forgot all about it. I was cooking when I got his text and I waited until after dinner to text him back. I’m not sure what his goal is in all this. It’s like he wants me in his life but he doesn’t want to have to do the work to really keep me there.

I can honestly say that any expectations I might have had regarding him or a future with him are pretty much nonexistent at this point. I think the longer things go on this way between us the less I really understand our situation. I know that I am busy all weekend and I also know that this week will be crazy with school starting. Tomorrow I have to take my son to his sophomore orientation and on Monday my daughter has her senior orientation. So I guess you could say that I will have my first day of school and then I will come home and take my daughter to orientation.

I know that this first week in my new school will be crazy but I am looking forward to the challenge. I met several of my students yesterday and I really think I am going to have a great year.

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