Role Reversal

So after all this  time of him just living his life and doing what he wants, he finally figured out what happens when he loses touch with me. He texted me last Friday after we hadn’t been in contact for a week. I did respond to his text but not for an hour or so later because I was cooking dinner and then I was eating with my kids. On Saturday he texted me again and wanted to know how I was spending my day. I told him about our movie marathon and the fact that I had five teenagers in my house. We chatted back and forth throughout the day. That afternoon he texted me that he would ask me to meet him for a drink but that I was busy. I agreed with him and we let it go. I talked to him again multiple times on Sunday. Monday morning he texted me to wish me a great first day of school. Later in the day he asked me what I was doing after work and I told him that I was taking my daughter to orientation for school. Yet again he was hoping to meet me for a drink to catch up but I was busy. We were finally able to connect last night because my kids were going to be spending a couple of hours with their dad. It was really great to see him and we had fun catching up after not seeing each other for a couple of weeks. It is really interesting though because he’s really not used to me being busy. He is used to being the busy one and me always being available when he wants to see me. He told me last night after I left that he was really horny the entire we were together. I was totally surprised when he told me that. We are supposed to try and get together tomorrow night but we will just have to see how things go. It is nice that lately he has had to deal with our situation being reversed because maybe it will make him appreciate the effort I make just a little bit more.

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