Subtle Change

So I saw him three times last week which is highly unusual.  It was awesome to spend so much time with him. I won’t get to see him that much this week but he is already trying to find a time we can get together this weekend. A few times last week I wondered if he was ready to change things between us but he seems to be fine with the way things are right now. Honestly I would be hesitant if he told me that he was ready to change things. We work pretty well right now and I worry that if we jump into anything more serious very quick it will back fire on us like it did before. One of my friends asked me today what we are and I didn’t really have a good answer. I can’t put a label on things but for whatever reason it seems to work for us. I see other people occasionally but deep down my heart belongs to him and I think he knows that. I would give up everyone else in my life if that’s what he wanted  me to do.

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