So when we first started this casual thing between us over a year ago I was surprised by the fact that many of our dates lead to overnights. I initially thought that because things were causal he wouldn’t stay the night or vice versa. Then last spring when his son moved in with him all that changed. Now we have only had a couple overnights in all that time. He actually texted me last night wanting me to come over and sleep with him because his son wasn’t at home. He was a total bed hog and I didn’t really sleep that well but at the same time it was nice to wake up with him this morning. I know that it could be months before we are able to have another overnight but I definitely cherished last night like I cherish all my nights with him. I probably won’t see him the rest of this weekend or next weekend because of our schedules but I am thankful I got to see him last night.

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